Tuesday, February 19, 2008


While in Quartzsite, we met with the Boomers. (For more information on Boomers, see the chapter on Boomers in my new book, More RV Chuckles and Chuckholes- More Confessions of Happy Campers.) Terry went to several seminars and was co-host to a seminar on solar power. Richard made this oven from clay and sand that he found around our campsite and demonstrated baking bread. Terry went to the chili lunch but I missed several things because I was selling my books. I did attend the great potluck dinner and we went to dinner with Lynn and Jim, and again with Marshall and Ulle for salmon. Carroll and George went to dinner with us at Sweet Darlene’s restaurant.

After Boomerville, Terry took the RV to Yuma. I picked up Karol from the Phoenix airport. We drove to San Diego where we joined the Boomers for a cruise to Carbon San
Luis. Here is a group picture of us on board the Carnival Elation ship. The woman in the pink sash that reads “Birthday Girl” is Laura Bornkamp. She and her handsome husband Gordon, were our dinner companions aboard ship. Not only was the gourmet food wonderful but we had so much fun with Gordon and Laura.

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Laura said...

Hi Darlene,
Nice updates! I can see I have been spelling your daughters name wrong. Sorry. Did you see the link I have on my blog of the Boomer Cruise. There over over 450 check them out and you can download them. Lots of cute ones of you.
Hugs, Laura