Saturday, April 04, 2009

RVing in the AZ/CA Desert

RVing in the AZ/CA desert means parking your RV on BLM land or in campgrounds and exploring by foot or with our 4-wheel drive Suzuki toad (towed). I look for wildlife that is either animal, plant, or mineral. Most of the wild burros in this area have the same genetic black mark on their shoulders. Note how well their coloring blends with the rocks to camouflage them.

The water flowing down the desert rocks into “washes” often reveals new rock formations. You can tell when rock has been moved because the dark “desert varnish” is on the side rather than on top. Most of the time it is leverite rock, which is explained to the new visitor as “leave it right where you find it”. Sometimes huge amounts of water flow down cracks and create an oasis with palm trees.

Most of the flowering cacti have shed their blossoms but we found some octillio with red blossoms and prickly pear cacti with dark pink flowers.

Back at the Emerald Cove Campground we found that the new miniature golf course has been finished. The kids on spring break found golfing a fun thing to do.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Darlene, if you lovely people want to continue east in the desert, we're always ready to receive visitors in Benson!

Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!