Monday, October 08, 2007

Raymond and Teresita’s Alaska Property

In May, Terry and Raymond are building a trench for the added foundation to the garage which now has an apartment over it. The duplex is in the background.

Terry and Raymond have the roof shingled, OSB board on the outside of the apartment/garage and foam insulation to cover the building. Most of the plumbing and gas and electricity are in. All the components of a home (cabinets, bathtub/shower, sinks, commode, stove, refrigerator, dish washer, washer and dryer) are in the apartment but are waiting sheet rock before being installed.

In September, both families moved from the duplex so work was done on relocating gas, electric and water lines to add a new bathroom and to change the kitchen in the duplex, which is pictured here. One apartment is in the lower level and one is in the upper level.

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