Monday, October 08, 2007

Safe Arrival in Iowa

We arrived in Iowa safe in spite of driving in “poor winter driving conditions” in Alberta Canada. In the first 1,250 miles, we only had 250 miles where the pavement was dry. Then we encountered rain, sleet and snow with icy roads in the Canadian Rockies. We left Alaska about two to three weeks late. Most of the tourist places that sold food and fuel were closed for the season. The salmon were not swimming in Fish Creek so there were no bears there. There was construction by Klune Lake so the Dall sheep were not there. It was too foggy and rainy to see mountain goats near Little Atlin.

We did see the bull elk in Jasper National Park that is in the picture. He had a harem of 31 cows.

Terry finally got the Internet going again. Sat 99 Transponder 1370 went bad. He did not know & was trying to setup the satellite Internet and did not get a signal. He was on the phone for 3 hours. After directions from 3 technical people, Terry was able to get Directway to connect us to a new Transponder 1110.

Sorry for the delay in my blog. Now you know why.

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