Tuesday, July 01, 2008

All Kinds of RVs

There are all kinds of RV’s in our family now. The RV with the boat and house is a travel trailer that belongs to Rich and Shelly in Iowa. (He is # 1 in trout tournaments in Iowa and MO at the moment.)
The slide-in camper that Ray and Teresita just bought in Nebraska, is the one Terry and Ray used on the trip from NC to AK. (I took the picture on June 30/08. You can see that their lilacs are just beginning to bloom.)
The Class C RV was pictured on a trip to AK in 2002 but now belongs to Robert and Natalia and is parked in their yard in NC.
I don’t have a picture of Mark and Connie’s 5th wheel in Iowa. They take it to the Red Rock Lake area around the Des Moines River. Some of these campgrounds are now closed because of the floods.
Our RV is parked in BLM land near Earp, CA . Solar power and satellite dishes make us comfortable when we boondock.
Do you think that we could all RV together in one place?

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