Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Soldotna Visitor's Center

Sorry for the segmented postings but I’m getting “timed out” when I try to display several pictures at one time. My grandchildren would say that is what I get for doing something wrong.

While Raymond and Teresita were fishing via their dip nets, Terry and I went to explore Soldotna and the town of Kenai. The Visitor’s Center had displays of animals from the area, which were hard to photograph because of the glare of glass around the specimen. The largest recorded king salmon, which was over ninety pounds, was also displayed.

Richard, they had a rainbow trout that weighed 20 pounds and caught by a Klein but Keith spells his name Kline.

Terry is walking up the “fishwalk” at the Soldotna Visitor’s Center over the swift Kenai River. Some fishermen were casting out lines but few were caught. One man told me,” No Fish. We’ll have hamburger for dinner.”

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