Sunday, November 16, 2008

Terry's Birthday

Terry was so surprised when he saw the desert for the Brunch in the Castaway’s RV Clubhouse – a chocolate Birthday cake topped with a yellow ducky wearing a Texas cowboy hat. He made a comment years ago that he never had a yellow ducky so I bought him one. Since storage in an RV is at a premium, it was placed in a closet and then given to a grandchild.

Terry asked about it again this year so I bought him a new rubber ducky when we were at Wall Drug Store in South Dakota and waited to give it to him as a topping for his cake. I said that it is a reminder for Terry to have fun this year. Hope you have fun too.

To see a photo more clearly, double click on the photo.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

How clever! When we meet up with you again, ask us to tell you about our daughter's 16th birthday cake! Maybe we'll even put that in "our book" when we get back to writing it again!

Terry looked pleased with his ducky cake!