Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Clear Lake and Galveston Area of Texas

Our daughter, Joy, showed us the area around Clear Lake and Galveston that received massive damage during Hurricane Ike in September. RV’s are parked in Sea Brook as temporary homes for many of the residents who were flooded from the thirteen-foot high waves during the storm surge. The house that Joy lives in only had windows broken, fence damage and pool equipment broken when a neighbor’s tree fell on the property. Homes on the beach weren’t so fortunate. The Dairy Queen even had a sail boat float to the front of the building.

Although the historical buildings along the Strand are still standing, they are without electric power two months after the disaster. We saw generators and huge temporary sewers used by workers who are cleaning up the flooded area. The traffic lights are not working but there wasn’t traffic since the shops are closed. Further inland, you see windows that are boarded up and tarps on some roofs but most people are living life much as before the hurricane.

We boarded the free ferryboat to Crystal Beach, where there wasn’t much left. We saw boats in trees, piles of debris, and areas where houses used to be. These pictures show some of the devastation.

On a happier note, the fifteen-minute ferry ride was delightful. Terry, Joy and I loved watching the porpoises dance in syncopation and convort in the waves. Unfortunately they moved so fast that it was difficult to photograph them. The gray pelican was more accommodating. I was amazed at their wingspan.

In Kemah, some of the restaurants are beginning to open. We had a delicious meal at the Salt Grass restaurant before returning to the campground on Lake Conroe.


Jerry and Suzy said...

Darlene, wow -- we've not seen a lot of Texas yet, and I wouldn't want to base anywhere near Galveston! I'm sure that most of the year it's delightful, but one hurricane can do a helluva lot of damage!

Great pix of the pelican! I wondered how you got so close until I read about the ferry ride. Congratulastions -- they are pictures to be proud of!

Jerry and Suzy

Laura said...

hello darlene and terry,
love your blog thanks for the updates. did you get my rv chuckle story.