Monday, February 23, 2009

Hummingbirds and other Fowl

We were able to boondock under the tree we had spotted in our search for prime camping areas. We were high enough to see the lake on the left side of our RV and the canal on the right while being only a few feet off the road. There were few cars or RVs traveling at night so there wasn’t any noise. The sunny days provided great solar power so we didn’t even turn on the generator.

Since we wanted to photograph the hummingbirds, Terry bought a hummingbird feeder. Normally we don’t feed wildlife since animals that are dependent on humans for food starve when the humans leave the area. However Terry said that that they were eating off the octillio cactus flowers and citrus trees so they shouldn’t have problems finding nectar.

We had many blurred pictures but did succeed in these good photos of the birds around Mittrey Lake.

This week we are preparing for our Hawaii cruise. I get off the ship in the morning and board the airplane for Iowa in the afternoon on the 15th of March so I will have a busy day. In Iowa, I will be attending my granddaughter’s wedding. When I return to my computer, I should have many photos. Aloha!

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