Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day and Winter Blast

Happy Valentines Day! Terry bought me these tulips, candy, and gave me a Valentine card.

Yesterday we went to a Boomer potluck in Sara Park in Lake Havasu for the birthday of Duane. Last year when his wife Betty tried to find a cake, all she could find was a cake that said "Happy Birthday to Ed." The bakery said that the family didn't want the cake because Ed had died so Betty bought the cake. This year Betty bought a cake and had them write "Happy Birthday to Ed." We sang, "A horse is a horse of course . . . unless it is Mr. Ed" and then "Happy Birthday to Ed." It was silly fun.

After dark, it was time for the amazing fireworks for Winter Blast. We saw continuous fireworks with as many as six fireworks going off at one time in syncopation to music. The falling flowers of fire were awesome. Terry took these photos.

Tomorrow we move back to BLM land for a week.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Terry did a great job of Valentining his best gal, and of taking the fireworks pictures as well. Yay!