Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Gentleman at our Red Hat Luncheon

Most of the activities at the Emerald Cove campground stop after Easter. This means that I don’t play cards, do crafts or craft sales, have fun at the Red Hat Luncheons, attend the Church of the Cove or it’s women’s group, or choir until next year. Jo Ann and Mike plan to be chaplains in Texas next year so it means good-bye to them too. She is the lady with a red hat and purple shirt. Okay, we all do. She is the one with two heads in the background.

Our last Red Hat Luncheon was one that no one wanted to miss but Opal had an optometrist appointment and wouldn’t be able to drive after the doctor dilated her eyes. That meant that her husband Frank would need to drive after taking her to the doctor in the afternoon. Our Queen Marla suggested that he join us but Frank didn’t have a red hat. Doesn’t he look good in the hat that I loaned him?

You have met Frank before if you read about him on pages 100-103 in “More RV Chuckles and Chuckholes – More Confessions of Happy Campers.” He and his wife Opal have been friends of ours for eight years. This octogenarian always has a smile or a joke for you. He is physically active. I’ve seen him handle the big mop as he cleans the clubhouse floor. He makes good coffee or tea if you visit him. I liked the apple pie he made but his lemon pie was outstanding. He even makes his own crust for the pies.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Sounds like you have things pretty good with the Red Hats! Even loaning one to a male person!