Friday, February 24, 2012

Old Town Wickenburg

We accompanied Opal, Frank and Zorro to Old Town Wickenburg yesterday. The Old Town area has been restored to its old grandeur with shops or restaurants in the restored buildings. Our first stop was at the Santa Fe Depot, which is the Visitor’s Center and the Chamber of Commerce.

Terry is standing by engine No. 761. Opal had a conversation with the recording of the teacher who had just arrived by train to Wickenburg to teach the youngsters who were almost her own age and size. Frank is walking with Zorro in the shade of the tall palm and mesquite trees.

The old buildings are enhanced with statuary that is so realistic that Terry jumped a foot in the air when he saw the rattlesnake.

The Hassayampa Building was originally called the Vernetta hotel and was owned by a black woman named Elizabeth Smith. The church is the St. Anthony of Pudu Catholic Church. The red brick schoolhouse is called the Garcia School.

Terry and Frank are reading the poem “Thanks for the Rain” that is depicted in the statuary.

The bust is of Henry Wickenburg who discovered the nearby Vulture Mine where over 30 million dollars of gold have been mined.

Another advantage of being in the old section of town is the size and true magnificence of mature trees and cacti. Prisoners kicked in or dug out of adobe buildings so prisoners were chained to this mesquite tree instead of in a town jail. Today, this tree is over 200 years old.

The dancer statutes were in front of the 1937 Mexican/ American restaurant where we had a very good lunch before returning home to our RV.

If you want to see the people in the background of these photos, double click on the lower left side of the photos to enlarge the pictures.

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