Saturday, April 15, 2006

Crystal Cathedral Comments

This picture is of Terry and Darlene Miller behind the statute of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus on the grounds of the Crystal Cathedral.

A Dominican Republic fan has left a new comment on your post "Happy Easter": Hello RV Chuckles,It really sounds like that play must have been stupendous, as you say. Don't you really have any idea how they managed to make the scenery changes "just appear"? Were they using, for example, slides or film background? I can't imagine they were sorcerers.

Answer: Thanks for the comment on my blog.

The "stage" for the production is one gigantic stairway which is 124 feet via 80 feet high. Since the passion play is in a glass building, it is only shown at night. The spotlight is usually only on the section that has the action. The water for the pool of Siloam came from an opening in the floor that had a fountain in it. Every movement of the 200 live actors was choreographed.
They moved, or danced, vertically as well as horizontally. The angels flew via unseen wires using technology that was used by Mary Martin in Peter Pan.

The audience of 1,500 people sat in theater type seats which had arm rests and cushions and were on a different level for each row of seats. Everyone could see the play.

The main characters were actors from nearby Hollywood. The whole production was so well done that you felt like you were in Jerusalem almost 2000 years ago.

Darlene Miller

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