Saturday, April 08, 2006

Happy Campers?

On April 5, we drove our motorhome near San Bernardino, California. We could see clearly all around us but the cloud level was low so we could not see the mountains. A rainbow appeared to the left of our RV. I poured milk and sliced fresh strawberries on my cereal. In the passenger’s seat, I had a panoramic view as I ate my breakfast. I thought, “This is the life for me!”

But clouds were darker ahead. Soon we were riding though pouring rain. At the campground, we found that our parking site had a moat around the basement storage. I was glad that I had bought waterproof Croc shoes a week before as I waded into the water to place the wood boards in front of the tires. The water felt icy but the temperature was 45 degrees.

Then I saw it. There was mud on the carpet. I was not a happy camper. Terry, my husband, had taken off his shoes but the cuffs of his pants were muddy. Bless his heart.

Could it get any worse? Hail fell all around us until it completely covered the ground. Could this be April in sunny California?

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