Saturday, April 22, 2006

Travel to Escapee Rally

On Wednesday, April 19, we drove over 500 miles to Yuba City to the Elk pre-rally. It is called a pre-rally because we are all Elk members and members of the Escapees Club bound for the Escapade Rally in Chico. Staying at the fairgrounds in Yuba City gave us a chance to visit with friends and park our RV in a safe area.

Terry is really into alternative sources of energy. He had me take a picture of a huge solar power complex while on Hwy. 395. The windmills, in this shot, were located near Edwards Air Force base. Yes, I took the picture from the moving RV. We did not stop.

The scenery in the San Joaquin Valley was relaxing as we viewed cattle and sheep grazing on a thousand green rolling hills interspersed with orange orchards and green vineyards. We were tired when we arrived in Sacramento during rush hour traffic. Finally we arrived at our destination but couldn’t find anyone because they were all at dinner. This is not the way we usually travel since we normally take our time and stop to smell the flowers and take our pictures.

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