Monday, March 10, 2008

Barbie and Ken Doll Clothes

Around Christmas I made Barbie doll clothes for Laura, Angelina and Mercedes but not Emily. I thought she had outgrown playing with them.

In February, I received a phone message and heard a youthful voice say, "This is Emily.I have an urgent message. I need Barbie and Ken doll clothes. I know you make good ones." Since this is the first "urgent message" that I have received from a grandchild, what could I do but get my dolls out and sew?

I made her doll clothes when Emily was five years old. She kept commenting, "there is one button on the shirt." After the second time, I got the hint and asked, "How many buttons should it have?" Emily said "five". I took the shirt with me, bought teeny tiny buttons and put them on the shirt and mailed it to her. Later, when I phoned my son Mark, she asked, "which grandma is it? Is it five button Barbie grandma?"

Here are the doll clothes. Ken's jacket is reversible. Barbie is holding her detachable train. No, I do not want to go into business making them. They take too many hours to sew by hand but are appreciated by my grandchildren and even their parents. Laura's father said, "They are priceless."

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