Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Millers in Prescott Arizona

The day was cool with temperatures in the 60’s when we left the Colorado River area (Arizona and California border) on a two-day trip northeast in Arizona. We stopped to take pictures of tiny wild flowers and prickly pear cacti that were taller than me. Although the cacti are in bloom at our low campground elevation, it was too cold for blooms further north.

Terry’s parents were buried at the VA National Cemetery in Prescott. We had visions of dead dry grass covering the flat headstone like the last time we found it so Terry bought a garden trowel to clean the gravesite of his parents. We didn’t need it. All the sites were as clean as you see here.

The picture of Terry’s parents was taken about 1957; his dad’s was taken about 1967, which was a year before he died while his mother’s picture is from 1976.

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