Friday, March 14, 2008

Victory Garden Friendship Tea

The Church of the Cove had the above theme for this year’s annual tea at the clubhouse. Jo Ann, Marla and I received favors and posters for the ten tables from the recruiting station in Lake Havasu. (No, we were not recruited. They thought we were too old.)

Each table was for a different branch of the service. My table was the Navy table. I wanted to get pictures of Terry in his Navy uniform but the only family member with a good picture was Terry’s brother, Bill. Terry’s brother, Dennis, and my son-in-law, Mike Rhoads were also in the Navy. I did find an award given to my father-in-law, William Charles Miller, which I put in the Lasting Impressions wave shaped photo holder along with a picture we took of the twin towers at sunset in 1986 and a picture we took of the Vietnam Memorial.

The award reads, “During the years 1941-1945, the United States being in a state of war,
W.C.Miller, served with the submarine forces of the United States Navy. Those submarine forces wrought severe destruction upon the enemy. They sank many million tons of his merchant and naval shipping, they interrupted and severed his trade and communication arteries, they aided every amphibious assault, supplied constant military intelligence of the enemy, and performed numerous acts of rescue. They participated in many phases of antisubmarine development and hastened domination of Pacific waters by navies of the Allied powers. In these ways the submarine forces of the U.S. Navy, and all who served with them, contributed heavily to the successful and complete prosecution of the War. This statement is in evidence of the United states Navy’s pride and gratitude for duties well done.”

Each of the 90 women gave $5 or more for the Quilts of Valor foundation. To quote the program guide, “ A quilt symbolizes comfort and warmth. It can signify home, family, and love. And it can mean a whole lot more to a wounded soldier, returning home from the war in Iraq. The quilts of Valor Foundation’s goal is to provide a homemade quilt to every soldier wounded in service, to show them gratitude and welcome them home.” For more information you can go to

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