Sunday, June 28, 2009

Greenfield Village

Anyone who loves reenacting and authentic reproductions of historical places has a wonderful time in Greenfield Village near Dearborn, Michigan. The only problem is that we had only one day to see this amazing place. We had to hurry!

Now the problem is which of the over 400 photos should I use to tell about the day.

We love windmills, covered bridges, and water wheels. Superb enactors portrayed everyone from Huckleberry Finn to Mrs. Cohen showing me her favorite hat from her millinery store.

We walked into homes of such notable people as Robert Frost who wrote “The Road Not Taken” and Noah Webster who wrote the first American dictionary. We entered the workshop in Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park complex and visited the Wright Brothers Cycle shop.

We ate soup and rolls and drank tea at the Eagle Tavern. The waitress explained to Terry that one takes salt from the Salter from the tip of your knife, not by pinching it. She gave Terry a disdainful glance when Terry asked her if he could pinch her.

Since Henry Ford is into transportation, there were many modes of transportation if you got tired but they were $4 a ride. As seniors, we paid a total of $42 just for admission. Then I discovered that the green omnibus was only 50 cents and insisted that I ride it. It was the best 50 cents that I’ve spent in a long time.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Keep showing us these great places! That way we'll a;ways have another place to go visit, based on your stories. If we don't get to one of them, at least we'll have seen it through you camera and your story!

If I were Terry, I'd have bought you that pretty hat!