Monday, June 29, 2009

Fort Niagara

Flags that have flown over Fort Niagara are the French (1678-1759), the British (1759-1796), and the US (1796-today).

Since it is the 250th anniversary of the French defeat, that is the period that they are reenacting.

Today this area is the border of Canada and the US. A plaque about the Rush-Bagot Treaty reads “Through mutual understanding and good will the policy set forth by Richard Rush and Charles Bagot in this treaty has resulted in an unfortified boundary between Canada and the United States.”

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Darlene, we also enjoy the reenactments and period costumes, etc. Thanks for sharing. I wonder, though, how the French cannoneers kept their hats on while firing the cannon!

You and Terry are having a great summer. Keep it up, and we'll share your advedntures.