Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall in Iowa

Yes, we like to watch the deer running free but the deer are so numerous that they are a nuisance in Iowa. We were driving around the Red Rock Lake area when we saw nine deer in a couple of hours. Before Ryan shot his small deer with a bow and arrow, a deer jumped in front of the car he was driving, smashed the windshield and put dents in the car. Since the car belonged to his sister, she wasn’t a happy camper. Saturday, Ryan shot a seven-point buck with his bow and arrow. Many farmers think that it is great to harvest the deer that have been eating their corn and soybeans. When the corn and soybeans have been harvested, some deer have a hard time making it through the winter since their food source is gone.

We expected to see fall foliage but most of the leaves are green. It is a photographic occasion when you see a tree this red.

Along the Red Rock Lake area, we saw white pelicans and these strange birds. Do you know what kind they are? (If you want to see any photo made larger, click on the left bottom of the picture.)

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Don't know the birds, but we did like the red color on the trees! No wonder Ryana shot the deer, when they damaged his sister's car and she was wasn't happy. Guess we gotta keep a balance in nature!