Thursday, November 18, 2010

Food and Exercise

Life, where we are camped, seems to center around eating. Last week I went to the Red Hat Luncheon, Blue Water Café for prime rib for Veteran’s Day, the Early Bird Café for brunch, and the Golden Corral for a buffet. Tonight we are going to eat at Lake Havasu Springs to celebrate Terry, Jerry, Bill and Bev’s birthdays. Sunday I will bring a large cake to serve as refreshments after the church service. Our closest neighbor, Frank, made an apple pie with the apples from my son’s yard and gave me the first piece.

Terry only wanted a cupcake for his birthday. There is no way to put 70 candles on it so I only used seven candles. All he wants for his birthday and Christmas is his two front teeth. He lost his front tooth bridge and needed much work done on an adjacent tooth. He has a temporary tooth on it now.

You may have heard that traveling is broadening. To combat this, Terry takes hikes into the area around the river. I walked 3,000 steps with my women friends this AM. I also go to water aerobics on Monday and Fridays.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Anywhere there are RVers in a group, life centers around food. Here at our park we even have "hired" a work camper as cook, and he pepares about five meals a week in the club house. Add to that, another fellow will barbecue hamburgers on Saturdays; Wednesday evenings are movie night, and hot dogs and popcorn are available. This evening (Friday) is our regular fish fry. Oh, in town, tomorrow morning the Eagles Club is putting on a breakfast, and Sunday is the Lions Club pancake breakfast. You're not alone out there in RV Foodland! But you do have pick and choose!