Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, I know that Thanksgiving is over but how can I put photos on the blog about our Thanksgiving until I’ve taken them? Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving. We are especially thankful for our family, friends, food and good health.

Before our thanksgiving dinner, we put two tables together with twelve chairs at each table, placed white tablecloths on all the tables and decorated the table where we were eating with the church group. (See the pilgrims and pumpkin that Terry and I furnished.) There were 20 tables at the 1 PM seating and another 20 tables at the 4 PM seating with all the spaces occupied. Emerald Cove provided turkey, dressing and gravy and each of us brought another dish to serve twelve. Frank brought two of his famous pies.

Then it was time for clean up but that wasn’t difficult since Bev and I and the four men on the clean-up crew all helped.

No, we didn’t get up early on black Friday to shop. We were tired.

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