Monday, August 11, 2008

Alaska Animals, We Love You

LaVon Bridges and Alice Wright wrote “We hope you enjoy reading, listening, chanting and singing about Alaska animals” in their book, Alaska Animals, We Love You, which was autographed for my grandchildren. A CD is included with the book. At another store, I found a harp seal, musk ox, dolphin, moose and bear to cuddle. Except for the bear, where but in Alaska can you find these animals?

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Darlene, we got a few of the stuffed animals while in Alaska, too. A musk ox, a bear, a moose and a sea otter now share prominence with Tang, our orangutan from twenty years ago. He's our main pet. No feeding, no cleaning up after, no shedding, no vet bills, but we have taken him for walks.