Monday, August 11, 2008

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Yes, musk ox still live in the wild in the Brooks range. We saw some in the far distance when we went to Prudhoe Bay some years ago. This musk ox is living at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. The non-profit Center, created for the rehabilitation of wild animals that are orphaned or injured by accidents and fires, is located on 200 acres south of Anchorage. You can either drive your car on the road between the fences or get out and hike the road to see eagles, a fox, bears, caribou, musk ox, buffalo and moose. People laughed when Terry saw this moose and said, “This is the first moose that I met that actually looks like Bullwinkle.”

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Nancy said...

Love your blog. What a dream to see so many sites.

Keep Safe!

San Diego