Sunday, September 28, 2008


Iowa is a place where they had major storms and flooding this year. The little town of Attica is rebuilding and repairing their houses and buildings except for Audrey and her family who are looking for a new home. (See the blog of June 4, 2008.) Some of the corn and soybean crops look good but the corn is six inches tall around the Des Moines River. I wondered why anyone would want to plant a crop this late in the season without a hope that it would grow enough to produce ears of corn but was told that it was planted before the floods and only germinated and grew a few weeks ago.

The wind from this storm blew shingles off my daughter Karol’s roof. On Saturday, her brothers, Mark and Richard, (see picture of three people) came to help her take the old roofing off and put the new roof on. Since Karol’s friend Roger and her son, Ryan, and five other teenaged nephews and friends came to help, Terry decided that he did not need to climb on the roof. He did tune in the satellite dish for her. Everyone was hot and tired when they finished, especially Richard and Mark who worked the night shift on Friday and had not had any sleep.

I got to play with grandchildren Emily and Nathan. Emily had her eleventh birthday last week. Nathan is a six-year-old. I noticed that Nathan stuck out his tongue when he was concentrating on the puzzle.

Yes, Iowa is a place where my grandson and his girlfriend, who are juniors in high school, say that their favorite subject is AG (Agriculture). It is where the teenagers go to their prom in a tractor, four-wheeler or old truck while wearing formal clothes. They also help on the farm and help replace a roof for friends and relatives.

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