Friday, September 26, 2008

Yellowstone National Park

It was so good to see Aunt Bernice again in Bozeman, Montana. Since we saw her two years ago, she has had two sons and her husband die. She is very busy with church, family, friends and her weekly walks of several miles. Her daughter plans a week visit early in October and she will travel with church people to visit family in Michigan later in October. Terry took this picture of us at breakfast even though my hair was still wet.

We left the RV at my aunt’s home and took a one-day trip to Yellowstone National Park to see the usual sights of Old Faithful, the forests, plains, waterfalls and animals. The sun was shinning just right so we saw a rainbow at the bottom of one of the falls. Terry wandered around what he called the “stink pots.” Bison by the hundreds wandered the plains. I felt like I was in the middle of a western movie set. The elk were in their rutting season. This magnificent bull elk was on a knoll in the town of Mammoth Springs. We heard him bugle a challenge to other bull elks. He didn’t have any cow elks beside him. Not far from the edge of town, we saw eleven cows and calves in a stream. Upon closer inspection, a young bull elk was watching his harem and hiding from other bull elks. He did not answer the challenge.

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