Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Celebrations

The picture is of a mutual admiration from Terry, who is the oldest of the Millers, to little Laura Miller, who is the youngest. (She was two years old on December 11.) The other picture is of Victoria Miller and Laura. (Both are the daughters of Robert.)

We flew to Houston the weekend of the 15th of December for Christmas with the Millers. Raymond and Teresita flew from Alaska. Robert flew from Alabama where he was working. Terry was in North Carolina working on Robert's house. He flew in from there with Victoria who will be nine in January. Nathalia and two year old Laura flew from Columbia, South America. We visited with Joy Miller who works nearby for NASA and with our hosts Shirlee, Christine and Sharon. Several of Robert and Raymond’s friends visited with the family during the three days. I also visited with my son, Steve and Marsha, Jamie and Jake.

Not only do we have an international family, but also Laura speaks in long sentences with as many Spanish words as English. Her diction is extremely clear. Of course, Terry and I, like most grandparents, think that our grandchildren are very smart! We had a very nice Christmas.

Terry returned with Victoria to North Carolina. Raymond and Teresita returned home to Alaska and prepared for a three-week trip to the Philippines. Robert accompanied his wife and baby to South America where her grandfather is very ill. I picked up Terry from the airport in Phoenix and then we went to nearby Mesa to my parents to stay overnight. On Sunday, we went to the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with refreshments afterward at the campground. (I sang with the choir.) On Monday, we had Christmas dinner at the clubhouse. On Tuesday, we had a potluck dinner with some of our friends.

Hope you visited with family and friends and ate good food for Christmas and will have a Happy and Healthy New Year!