Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn in Iowa

I love autumn in the Midwest. My son gave us fresh homegrown tomatoes, apples and zucchini squash. I like zucchini best in a bread so I tried a new recipe for pineapple zucchini bread this morning. Tomatoes were used in salads and for BLTs. The cinnamon applesauce is great too.

The corn and soybean fields are turning yellow but we are waiting for the leaves to change. From our living room window, we watched two deer walk the fence line.

The weather is mild with temperatures in the 50's Fahrenheit at night and 70's during the day.

We are in Iowa visiting with kids, grandkids, brothers, sisters and my parents. We will help my parents move into Fair Haven in Pella. It is an independent living facility but the next building is assisted living and another building is a nursing home.

It’s a good time to do fall cleaning since we can store things in my daughter’s basement. It’s fun to go shopping with Karol and redo the RV. I bought the flowers at Michaels and new rugs at Kohls. The bedspread was bought in Shipshewana, Indiana at the Amish flea market a month ago.

We will help mom to celebrate her 90th Birthday on Oct. 3 and go to my nephew's wedding a week later. When we move, it will be to go to Texas.

Monday, September 07, 2009

RV/MH Hall of Fame

Sorry about not sending emails or blogs lately. We had very limited Internet coverage in Newfoundland. Then we had no coverage while traveling to Elkhart, Indiana to get the windshield fixed before it fell out completely. (Little edges were raised on the glass but it stayed intact in the scotch tape.) Friday our windshield was replaced! It is beautiful! We are now in Illinois visiting with friends.

While we waited for the work to be done on the RV, we went to the new RV/MH Hall of Fame near Elkhart, Indiana. Terry took this overview of one section of the vintage RVs. The kitchens and bathrooms are sure different today. In one RV, the driver’s chair was a $35 “accessory”.

The dark blue RV is the one that Mae West used in 1931. The sign said that “This 1931 Chevrolet based custom made house car was one of the enticements offered by Paramount Studios to get Mae West to leave the Vaudeville circuit and make movies for them. It is designed as a chauffeur driven lounge and not as a ‘camper’ unit. It features a small hot plate stove, an icebox, and a small table to enjoy lunch or a spot of tea. It was used for several years to transport Miss West from her home or hotel to the shooting location. The story indicates she had a rocking chair on the back porch where she could enjoy the breeze when appropriate.”

I spoke with Al Hesselbart who is an author and historian and works at the RV/MH Hall of Fame about my RV books. Guess what? He wanted my books for the RV/MH library! That means that my books with stories by Terry Hager, Joan Pomeroy, Bill Miller, Jerry Leroy, Michele Quau and myself are in the RV/MH Hall of Fame.