Sunday, June 24, 2007

Making Memories

I sent Barbie doll clothes to Iowa for Christmas for three –year-old Mercedes Druliner and seven year old Angelina McCoy. Mercedes did not remember the grandma that made the clothes. She saw me at the graduation party, the graduation and at the two Little League ball games where her brothers were playing baseball. Shelly said, “This is the grandma that you don’t see very often.” Mercedes emphatically responded, “ Yes I do. I know her.” When she saw me at the tea party, she run to me with arms outstretched and said that wonderful word, “Grandma.”

Birthday Tea

My sisters, Clara Klein, Angie Rheuport, Joy Block, and I have birthday # 65, 62, 60 and 50 years old this spring and summer. Since I have been Rving, I have not given a party for more than a few people. I missed it. My daughter, Karol, agreed to let me use her house for a birthday tea. Unfortunately, my sister, Clara, had already left in her RV for a trip to Alaska. Pictured l to r is Angie, myself and Joy. I invited my mother, sisters, sister-in-laws, nieces, grand nieces, daughter, daughter-in-laws, granddaughters, and great granddaughters. Joan Pomeroy, who is an RV friend visiting Pella, took photos of us.

Twenty-two women and girls wore hats to the tea on June 16. The preteen girls were also given necklaces, gloves, and hats to wear. Their dolls even had hats and tea sets. The tables were decorated with tablecloths, flowered napkins, lace placemats, clear glass dishes and real flowers. Guests enjoyed a variety of flavored teas or iced tea. A silver tray held assorted cookies. Trays held cucumber, ham and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I enjoyed the party and I hope that I have made another memory.

Tea Sandwich Memories

My granddaughter, Kari De Joode, remembered the time she went to the Tulip Tearoom with my mother and mother-in-law. Since she was only five or six years old, I discouraged her from attending but she said, “I will not be bored.”

She wasn’t too enthusiastic by the menu which included Dutch spiced beef and chicken salad with walnuts. The proprietor said that she would make special peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her. When they arrived, the sandwiches were shaped like tulips.

Kari is now 13 years old. She agreed to help me with a Birthday Tea while I was in Iowa. She suggested that we serve the little girls fancy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I agreed. We could not find tulip cookie cutters so she chose teddy bears, a rabbit, a chick, and a heart. The little girls loved them and some of the big girls too.

Nathan Klein

Nathan played in the park where his sister and brother’s graduation party was held. Since it had rained almost every day for weeks, the playground was muddy. This only added to Nathan’s fun. He cleaned up well for the graduation on Saturday. I used to tell my three sons that it was a good thing they were washable.

Mark Klein’s Family and Me

I am standing in the upper left of the picture. You met Amanda and Matt Klein in the last blog. Meet the rest of the family. Beside Matt is Joshua Klein. He is almost as tall as his brother. When his siblings leave for college, he will be the oldest child at home. He is looking forward to using his school permit to drive Emily and Nathan to school this year. Connie is the mother who looks more like a sister to Amanda than a mother. Mark is the proud father and my son. Emily is ten years old and a sweet granddaughter. Nathan is the youngest member of the family. He turned five years old on May 15.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Amanda and Matt Klein’s Graduation

I am so proud of my grandchildren, Amanda Nichole Klein and Matthew Allen Richard Klein, who graduated from the Pleasantville Baptist Academy on June 2, 2007.

Amanda was eighteen on Christmas Eve. Amanda has fun as a cheerleader, singer and volleyball player. She also won 2nd place on a science fair project and a trophy for scripture memorization.

She will be going to the Berean Baptist College in Florida in August where she will major in Elementary Education. Amanda will also tell you that she plans on being a pastor’s wife. She has a beautiful promise ring from Ben Mead who is a college student with the goal of being a minister.

Amanda told a reporter for the Marion County News that “ her parents have had the most influence on her life since they taught her character, discipline, responsibility and have always been there for her.”

My son, Mark Klein and his wife, Connie Klein, also had a son graduate this year. Matthew Allen Richard Klein. (Matthew says to use all his names or call him “Matt”. He is proud that his initials spell MARK, which is his father’s name.) Although he is more than a year younger than his sister, Amanda, he took accelerated classes to graduate early. Matt made the Who’s Who Among American High School Students, the Pleasantville Baptist Academy’s Honor Roll, and the National Honor Roll and as a Scholar at the National Society of High School Scholars. His extra curricular activities have included basketball, weight lifting, and being a Junior Firefighter with the Pleasantville Fire and Emergency Services.

In August, Matt will attend college in Sioux City towards his goal for a degree in Criminal Justice.