Friday, December 17, 2010

Birthday and Early Christmas

Laura was six years old on December 11 so the Miller family went to her home in North Carolina to celebrate her birthday and have an early Christmas. Yes, I made Barbie doll clothes again this year as a birthday gift.

A year brings many changes especially when you are only two. Sara had changed from a toddler into a little girl who loves to dress up and pretends to prepare food and tea for her aunts and grandmother.

Christmas is a time for good food, gifts, friends, and sharing family stories. I went to a wonderful Christmas Sorority meeting at the home of my friend, Maryann. You can see that we had a great time. Grandpa Terry is in the photo with granddaughters Laura, Sara, and Victoria.

It is also a time to remember the birthday of the Christ child. What fun to go to the Christian School and attend the Christmas program in which our granddaughter Laura sang about His birth.

May all of you have fun, fellowship, food, family and friends with you this holiday season.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

It’s Beginning to look a Lot Like Christmas

Although we have very limited space in our RV, we decorate using most of the symbols of Christmas. We have a Christmas stocking, package, tree, lights, stars, angels, a live poinsettia, candles, a tiny crèche and even a music box. The empty box has a decorated lid so Terry can fill it on Christmas Eve.

Terry and I love to see Christmas decorations, parades, movies and programs with music. Here are two of the decorated golf carts that were in the parade in the park.

We went to Lake Havasu City last night for a lighted ship parade under the London Bridge.

We are leaving on Wednesday of next week, the 8th of December, to fly to North Carolina for the Miller Christmas. I will have some wonderful grandchild photos and memories when we return.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Animals and Nature Murals

At dusk and early dawn you need to watch for moose on the Highway east and north of Anchorage, Alaska. South of Des Moines, Iowa, you need to watch for deer. Driving north of Parker, Arizona on Hwy 62, beware of wild donkeys. The gray donkeys are especially hard to see as you travel around a curve. Unlike deer eyes that reflect back to you when you use your headlights, the donkey’s eyes do not reflect.

We took a trip in the early morning hours in search for a dentist and saw this beautiful rosy salmon color on the mountains at the entrance to Lake Havasu City.

All Terry wants for Christmas is his two front teeth. A couple of weeks ago he lost the front tooth which had been a permanent bridge. Since the tooth holding the bridge was in poor condition, he needed an expensive repair. Now we are waiting for the new tooth to arrive to replace the temporary one.

I was given permission to photograph the beautiful murals at the dentist office that were painted by a gentleman named Harlan. Although he died this year, Harlan left these wonderful murals of the area around Lake Havasu City for us to enjoy.