Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Albia Follies

The Albia Follies, held in the King Opera House on Benton St. were in the tradition of vaudeville last weekend. The theme of the show was a 1911 reunion of Civil War veterans at the farm of a moon shiner who were surprised by a WCTU (Women’s Christian Temperance Union) group of ladies.

The cast of twenty members (not counting the pit orchestra.) performed in a chorus as well as dancing and the use of pantomimes, which were called “Sketches.” One of the numbers in the show was performed by the Albia Boy Scouts with it’s leader- Dave. The show was hilarious.

Prior to the show, Dave popped the popcorn for the performance. Then he sang in the chorus, played the guitar and banjo and co-directed the show with Dan. Dave’s wife, Jan, was one of the WCTU ladies and a member of the chorus. Their son, Ben, operated the lights and sound system. Their granddaughter, Maia, was a “lovely card girl” who walked across the stage with a sign, which announced the next number.

Earlier in the day, Dave was the Grand Marshall in the parade who didn’t ride in an open convertible but in an open truck bed. Then he took photos of the high school band, which will probably be in the Albia Newspaper.

Since there were two performances of the Follies, the family had to be tired but they also hosted the speaker for the Methodist morning church service.

I’m not sure if this is a blog about the Follies or about the Dave’s family but the Follies wouldn’t be the Follies without them. Albia would also be a different place without this family.