Thursday, May 05, 2011

From California to Iowa

The Joshua trees were showing off their ice cream cone flowers and poppies were blooming with temperatures in the upper 80’s when we took a trip to the Beaumont area in CA. When we got to Iowa, the tulips I planted last fall were blooming but we received freeze warnings on May 3, 2011. The oak trees were only beginning to bud.

The trip from the campground to Iowa was an eventful one with winds as high as 60mph. two flat tires, and a dead battery on the car that I was driving for Frank and Opal. Gas was as high as $4.29 a gallon. Our schedule changed accordingly.

We will be busy this summer fixing the lawn and mowing it, painting the walls, getting new carpet, and buying appliances and furniture for our house in Iowa. We plan to move south in the RV before the snow falls.

Sunday, my brothers and sisters and their husbands and wives met at the rest home where my mother is living. She is planning on getting her cataracts removed next Monday. Dad moved to an apartment about a mile from her, which is in the renovated old hospital building where my sons Steven and Mark were born in the 1960’s.

Tomorrow we plan to take a day off and go to Pella and see the Tulip Festival.