Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Purple Ladies of the River

I'm busy, busy, busy. Monday, I went to a writer's meeting in Lake Havasu City. Tuesday, I went to craft time at the clubhouse and started a 3-D place card of tulips for the tea. Then I made brownies and peanut butter cookies, which I took to Ladies Fellowship. Wednesday, I went to Bible study and then to a luncheon. We voted to be called the Purple Ladies of the River. After the luncheon, I bought supplies to finish the place cards for seating at the Friendship Garden of Flowers Tea in March. Tomorrow is craft day where I'll get help to make the place cards. Friday is a blank now. Saturday is the crafts show in the clubhouse where I'll sell my books. Sunday is church where I'll sing in the choir.

On the way to and from the luncheon at Tommy’s Paradise Cafe, the Purple Ladies of the River Club saw shaggy wild burros. There are no buts about it; we had fun dressing up in purple and red.