Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Friends in Arizona

For the people who think that we “travel all the time” and don’t spend time with other people, let me tell you, “It isn’t so.”

Terry and I left our friends at the Emerald Cove Campground Resort to see other friends at a huge Escapee meeting in Quartzsite last week. Then we went to the Grubstake Restaurant for “all you can eat fish” with the Elks group of Escapees. Hugs, conversation, entertainment and food were fun. We even met other Millers who aren’t related to us.

The Boomers group welcomed us at Happy Hour. I left them the book, More RV Chuckles and Chuckholes- More Confessions of Happy Campers, for the auction for Escapees C.A.R.E. Yes, I even went to Reader’s Oasis Books and sold my RV books for a few hours.

You can see from the blue sky, the short-sleeved shirts, and the shorts that the meetings in Quartzsite were in ambient weather. I even got a little too much sun but I didn’t blister or peal. I’m not complaining. To you northerners who are suffering in snow and wet conditions, I confess. I’m bragging a little.

Back at the campground, we enjoyed a concert from Ron and Opal Erickson from Branson, Missouri. We went to Tommy’s Paradise CafĂ© with a group after the concert.
Ron and Opal are seated to the left. Jack and Bev are next with Tricia and Bill seated to the right. Terry and I are sitting next to Ed and Helen. (Doris took the two top photos. Thanks, Doris, for the use of your photos.) To enlarge the photos, double click in the lower left of it.