Friday, March 12, 2010

Emerald Cove Tea

Terry was the “official photographer” for the annual Emerald Cove tea with the theme for this year as “Holidays Around the World.” Some tables were elegant. Some were just fun. The seventy-nine ladies who attended were dressed both elegant and for fun.

Joanne read a piece about each of the holidays. Can you tell which holiday each table represents?
Just double click at the bottom of each photos if you want to enlarge them.

I decided to bring items for the buffet table that represented Marla’s table, which was the Queen’s Birthday so my contributions were cheese, chocolates and almonds. The orange cheese represented the House of Orange. Most Dutch receipts that I have used call for almonds when nuts are in the receipt. Although the chocolates were not from Holland, the Dutch are noted for their chocolate. I used the cup and saucer from my Newfoundland friend, Gertie and the tea set from Teresita from Alaska for my place at the table.

The bountiful six tables of finger foods were delicious and every lady received a door prize. It was hard to choose which grab bag item to you wanted.