Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Day

"Happy Thanksgiving from across the miles" was written on the Thanksgiving card that my friend Pat sent me. It was used in the table decorations at the Escapees Activity Center on Thanksgiving Day. After learning that Terry had Diabetes, the ladies at our table brought sweet potatoes without sugar and a no added sugar pumpkin pie for him. We had a delicious meal. Ninety nine people ate the Thanksgiving meal here in Livingston. In the afternoon, we went to my grandson's home for leftovers.

We are thankful to God for food, our relatively good health and family and friends. We are blessed. We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving too.

I made these Barbie doll clothes for my granddaughter Laura who will be five years old on December 11. Plans have been made for her and her parents and sister to fly to Houston for her birthday and an early holiday celebration. Ray and Teresita will fly from Alaska and Joy will return to her home in Seabrook, Texas from Colorado where she is spending her Thanksgiving vacation.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lifestyle Changes

Yes, we still live in our RV. We still visit friends and I play Bingo, Sticks, and Crazy Rook at the clubhouse. I lead the singing for the church service in the clubhouse.

Side trips have taken us to see muted russet and golden leaves although most of the deciduous trees are still green in Sam Houston State Forest. Since we are in the “piney woods” area of Texas, we see many evergreen trees draped with Spanish moss. I think that it is strange to see deciduous trees, palms, and evergreens in the same forest.

We watch osprey, hawks, cranes, herons, pelicans, and geese on the look out for fish in Lake Conroe and Lake Livingston.

Our daughter, Joy Miller, was our tour guide in the Bay of Houston and Clear Lake area last week. The ducks and catfish both tried to catch the breadcrumbs and pellet food near Laundry’s Restaurant where Joy treated us to lunch.

We viewed the area where Hurricane Ike caused wind and flood damage last year. Many areas were cleared of broken houses and now are empty lots with "for sale signs." Other houses have been rebuilt or are still in the process of rebuilding. We even saw a couple of houses, which were on a fountation in 2008, and are now on basements since the houses have been raised above the previous flood level.

I marveled at the realistic sculptures created a century and a half ago while Terry was more interested in the antique guns and tools in the museum in the Sam Houston Park in Huntsville. Margaret Houston made a pleasant home for the seven Houston children in the home that is now located in the park.

Brahmas, Long horns and horses are seen in the Texas ranches along the highway.

All these things we did last year when we were parked in Castaways Campground near Willis, Texas. What has changed our lifestyle this year is that Terry has been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Now he is on meds and sticks his finger twice a day to check his blood sugar. He takes a walk everyday. We eat smaller amounts but eat more frequently. Terry also has stopped eating donuts, cookies, pie, candy bars and ice cream.

Yes, life changes. We grow older. Terry had another birthday on November 16.
I wonder what we happen this next year.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Jay Jay

Do you know why God planned for children to be born to young adults? When you get to be my age, you don’t have the energy to chase after them.

Jay Jay, my great grandson, had a wonderful time in the park! He was under, on top of and inside the play equipment. He understands what his mother says when she speaks English or Spanish. Although his vocabulary is limited, the words he does say are spoken clearly.

He is one step ahead of you when you speak to him since he says “Welcome” before you can say “thank you” when he gives you something.

In other words, he is a healthy, happy child who will be two years old in December. I was very worried about him when he was born since he was over two months premature and weighed a little over 3 pounds.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Fun

The RV clubhouse had more decorations than you can believe for the Halloween party. Terry and I were the cutest couple there. (Okay, many women dressed up but we were the only couple that wore costumes.)

I asked a woman at the campground Laundromat if she was going to the Halloween party. She answered, “Yes, but we aren’t going to dress.” My response was, “That should be interesting!” The jellyfish lady won the best costume prize.

About half of the group were kids but Terry didn’t get many pictures of them. They had fun bobbing for apples, going on a hayride and eating candy. We ate Frito pie and desserts and candy. The pumpkins are from the carving contest. Don’t you think that they are artistic?