Sunday, August 22, 2010

Des Moines Costco Book Signing

It was exciting to see my books included with the assorted books in Costco in Des Moines, Iowa but I was concerned that I might not sell 62 books in my three days of book signing. Also, the other employees told me that there weren’t as many customers because of the Iowa State Fair. Thursday, August 19, was okay but I needed to do better. Friday was great! Saturday was awesome! I sold out of books four hours early!

John and Kay made my day when they told me that they bought both books on Friday, read the first book and decided to return 40 miles one way to Costco to buy another six books for gifts. That only left one book for me to sell.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer in Iowa

I'm in Iowa. Terry is in Alaska. We will meet again in September. I've taken photos but don't have my commuter tech with me to help put them on the internet.
Good things I've done are spent 3 weeks with Texas grandson Jake aged 15, saw my classmates at a high school reunion, attended my nephew's wedding and joined a family reunion.
Bad things that have happened are my 16 grandaughter was burned on her face and left leg and foot from a bonfire. My 12 year old grandaughter was shocked from a electrical outlet and is in intensive care because of a heart arrythma .
Future events in Iowa are my father's 90th birthday party, a book signing at Costco in Des Moines, and another class reunion.