Saturday, June 30, 2012

Storm Damage Repaired

Terry worked on the house while I was gone with the help of relatives Richard, Shawn, Raymond, Ryan and Jim. First Terry built sides on the trailer so it would hold old shingles and siding so they could drive it to the dump. Then they had to remove the old roof and toss it in the trailer.

                                                A new window was placed in the living room. 

The house was wrapped and sided. We still need to paint the trim, touch up the stain on the decks and replace lights, trim and gutters. 

                          The before photo shows a house with a brown roof and light yellow siding. 


The after photo shows a rust colored roof with gray/green siding. Someone who just drove past and didn’t                                  pay much attention wouldn’t probably notice the color change. 

 We have seen deer, rabbits, cardinals and bluebirds in the yard. The corn in the farmer’s fields isn’t knee high by the 4th of July but already tasseling. My little garden has already produced a few ripe tomatoes.  The broccoli and cauliflower are growing huge while my cabbage plant measured 28 inches across. 

 The temperatures were as high as 100 degrees yesterday but they had many days of 90+-degree weather so the guys worked early morning, took a long siesta and worked until dark. We have had some rain with a faint rainbow in the photo.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Texas Trip

 My daughter Karol and I traveled in seven states, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas in seven days to visit our Texas relatives and friends. We spent four days on the road and three days visiting.

I’m not sure if this photo was taken of the Dallas highway system or of Houston’s.  Karol drove through these towns while I navigated. 

 We saw my granddaughter Ann and her husband Jimmy and daughter Baylee in northeastern Texas.

Karol is clowning around with her nephew Jake near Livingston where Sherry 
and Art welcomed us to their home.

In Houston, we met Jamie and two grandsons at Steve and Marsha’s house. This makes four generations in one photo.  

We also took a ferryboat ride from Galveston to see the Gulf of Mexico.  We watched dolphins and sea birds on that ride.