Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

The next to the last day of 2009 was an adventure. Even expensive RVs can be in trouble. We followed a half million dollar plus RV when we left our campground yesterday. When it turned a corner, the storage door came open. We had an exciting time trying to notify the RV driver that he needed to stop.

In a half hours time we entered California and then Mexico. We spent about 45 minutes of walking quickly about the area to find the dentist where Terry had an appointment. While Terry was having the dentist examine his teeth, the whole building started shaking. The earthquake was a 5.9 but we were close to the epicenter.

Our plans for 2010 include two high school 50 year reunions, a trip to Alaska, Terry's trip to the EAA airplane show in Wisconsin with his two sons and grandson Jake flying to Iowa to see his relatives when I am there in July.

Have a Happy New Year not just tomorrow but all through the year!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas 2009

We celebrated Christmas all during December. I had fun at two Red Hat Christmas parties. We drove around looking for Christmas lights in Texas, and later on the trip west in New Mexico and Arizona. Ann and Baylee drove from Carthage, Texas to Livingston. Grandson Jake has grown too tall to be called “Tiny Tim” but he said “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night” while leaning on his crutches from his broken foot. Our hostesses, Shirlee and Christine, provided great holiday food for the Miller Christmas. Of course, Christmas is also the tree and the giving of gifts and the excitement of grandchildren. We also sang Christmas carols and listened to them on my new Ipod. Today we received mail with over twenty cards and letters. Tomorrow we will have a Christmas banquet in the clubhouse in Yuma, AZ. From the last blogs, you know that we also celebrate the birthday of the Christ child. May you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Walk Through Bethlehem (part 1)

While in Livingston, Texas, Terry and I saw a sign that said that they were having “ A Walk Through Bethlehem” in the park.

We drove to the park along Hwy 59 where we came to a large tent. A couple of shepherds were outside discussing with a girl that they had heard angels and the news that a baby was born.

Upon entering the tent, we were handed a green piece of paper that had a scroll on it and were told that there was a census. We had to put our name on the census form. To our right were cookies, coffee and punch. There were a lot of chairs so we sat down and ate while listening to the choir sing. The men’s quartet was awesome.

An announcement was made that those persons who had green census sheets could enter. We walked into an area that had booths set up for trade days except that we were in a time warp. I judged the time to be over 2000 years ago. The signs were written in a foreign language that I think was Hebrew as well as in English. Some richly clothed men demanded our census forms and said that we would have to pay taxes.

In the booths, we met a young apprentice blacksmith, and a sandal maker. I tasted wine which was not fermented, sweets like candy, and bread with fresh olive oil.

A Walk Through Bethlehem (part 2)

I smelled frank incense and myurr and other spices. A little girl gave me a basket. I saw a potter working her wheel and a grandmother, mother and child making bread. There were goats and donkeys in one booth. A strolling centurian stopped and spoke pleasantly with me. I saw a brick maker and another booth selling fruit.

The inn was closed because there wasn’t any room in it but the inn keeper said that there was a baby outside if I wanted to see it. The shock of black hair on the child made it look as though it was a doll, wrapped up to keep it warm. On further inspection, I saw the beautiful face of a child about a week old.

We could see our car from where we were so we returned home to our RV amazed by what we had just felt, smelled, tasted, heard and seen.