Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

Pictured is the darling little teapot that sits on a teacup, which is my birthday present from Raymond and Teresita.

This morning, I sit in my pajamas to eat the dark chocolate cake with fresh raspberries, which is breakfast on my birthday. Last night we dined out. (We eat out when we go to a fast food restaurant but dine out when it is more elegant.) It was elegant. The pale pink cloth napkins blended with the striped cloth tablecloth. The white embossed china was laid on top of gold plates. We dined on salmon almandine with wild rice and a medley of vegetables. It was as delicious as it sounds. (There is a rumor that the chef not only caught the salmon but also filleted it.) Desert was the rich chocolate cake. The staff sang “Happy Birthday” to me. The chef gave me a hug.

If you want to dine at this elegant place, forget it. It is for private Miller parties only. Our daughter-in-law, Teresita, made the elegant dinner for us.

Now our problem is what are we going to do to honor Teresita?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Arrival in Alaska

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers who read this.

We arrived safely to Eagle River, Alaska on May 12 at our son Raymond and daughter-in-law Teresita’s house. The tulips in the picture are real. Raymond and Teresita gave them to me. She also made us a wonderful meal, which included the delicious multi-grain bread that she bakes.

We had several good experiences on the trip to Alaska. We saw my niece, Heidi and her son, Jystin near Portland, Oregon where I did a book signing for Camping World. We also visited with Terry’s cousins, Henry and Evelyn in Penticton, BC, and my cousin Gladys and her husband Syd in Kalowna, B.C.
My book signings went very well. I look forward to doing more in the fall.
We went hunting the white bear with our cameras near the Cassiar Highway in British Columbia. We inquired about sightings of bears with a truck driver. He said that he saw the white bear 15 years ago and again a few nights ago. His voice showed the awe and magic of seeing the Kermodei spirit bear. A few hours later, she crossed our path!
It was snowing in the Yukon about 40 miles from the US border on May 11. Soon there was only a trail in the 12+ inches of snow. We stopped behind a small camper who was behind a truck with a trailer & car. They said that ahead there were 2 RV's off the road part way up the hill. We waited an hour before a snowplow arrived & said to stay where we were since there were more vehicles off the road between Beaver Creek and us. Finally the snowplow made two more passes and told us it was safe to move.

I will leave Alaska on May 24 to fly to Iowa to visit with family. My son Mark Klein and his wife, Connie will have two children, Amanda and Matthew, graduate from high school. My parents are moving off their acreage to a small house near Oskaloosa, Iowa. I also plan to visit with sisters and brothers and my other children and friends for a few weeks before I fly back to Alaska.