Friday, March 30, 2012

Emerald Cove Women Ride the Colorado River

Debbie gave seven of us women from the campground a ride on her beautiful pontoon boat Friday. 

The powerful boat was fast as we raced up to the Parker Dam area. Soon the twins, Pam and Fran, were fishing the visors out of the river as the breeze took the visors right off Rose and Janice. Or did the red one belong to Evelyn? Anyway, we women had to hold on to our hats.

We slowed down to sunbathe and enjoy floating on the water. Since we were hungry, we stopped at the Roadrunner for lunch. The food was so good and so plentiful that I didn’t need any dinner.


Later we rode through the waves to the other end of the navigable river to the Indian Dam past the casino. Now I have heard of walking on water but sitting on it is something different.  Evelyn admitted that she was sitting on a huge rock.

We noticed a stranded boat so Debbie turned to check on it.  The men asked that we give a ride to one of the men so he could fetch another boat and tow them in.  Debbie cheerfully gave him a ride to the dock of his campground.

 We had so much fun that we will miss each other’s company when we leave this campground after Easter.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Can you imagine what would happen if the pontoon boat sank and all aboard were lost?  Well, the River of Life Church at the Cove would only have Linda, Patricia, Opal and Frank as surviving this year’s church leadership.  Happy Jack, who keeps all of us laughing, was Captain Jack as he gave us a ride on his boat down the Colorado River on Saturday.

Sunday we went to Opal and Frank’s RV for pie. It’s impossible for me to describe the pies made by Frank and Opal but you can see they were apple, coconut cream, chocolate, lemon meringue, and a cream cheese with strawberries, blueberries and black berries.  Of course we had to sample several pies to determine which was best but I don’t know if a conclusion was ever reached. 
Frank said that he would give me the recipes.  Do you think that if I practice I will be able to make his flaky pie crust by the time I’m eighty-three years old?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

25 th Wedding Anniversary

The eight live red roses were for our eight children. 

We celebrated the occasion with our friends on the day of our anniversary, March 7.
Left to right in the back row are Frank, Opal, Terry, Jack, and Bill.  In the front row are Darlene, Bev, and Pat.

The full moon over the London Bridge wasn’t very bright at 6:30 pm but we could see it more clearly after dark. 

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary was celebrated with
chocolate,custard filled sheet-cake with butter cream
roses served to the church family after services on Sunday.
We had this view from the window table at Shugrues
restaurant in Lake Havasu City.